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        Hiconics Eco-energy Technology Co., Ltd.

        Hiconics Eco-energy Technology Co., Ltd., also known as "Hiconics Drive Technology Co., Ltd." Founded in 2003, it is affiliated to Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park in Beijing, China, which is a high-tech enterprise, specialized in industrial automation control and new energy equipment. In January of 2010. it was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as "Hiconics eco-energy” (stock code "300048"). Utill the june of 2017,  Hiconics' registered capital reached USD170 milion, and net assets USD 400 million.  

        Currently, it has 4 wholly owned subsidiaries, 31 holding subsidiaries, 1 key laboratory and 1 technology center. Existing staff 1800 people, of which the core research and development personnel accounted for 28%, with offices across the country and the consummation post-sale service network, products are sold to six continents over 20 countries and regions around the world. Business areas cover the industrial automation, new energy vehicles, energy conservation, environmental protection and other fields, products are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mining, cement, petroleum, municipal, elevator, machine tools, plastics, nuclear industry, aerospace, wind tunnel, new energy vehicles, rail transportation, environmental protection, photovoltaic and other industries.

        In the field of industrial automation, The main products of Hiconics are high/ medium/low voltage VFD, the elevator servo system and control system, high-end equipment manufacturing core parts and industrial automation solutions for the big driver. In terms of VFD, Hiconics r&d team independent research and developed water-cooled type VFD and the vector control VFD, have been applied in several large projects and achieved excellent results, and won several national related patent certificate;

        In elevator technology field, Hiconics set up joint research and development laboratory in Germany,  has introduced the Germany (all-digital fuzzy) synchronous motor drive technology and launched the industry professional HTC - L series elevator servo drives. After 13 years of development, with its strong technical strength and leading production technology, the company has established a leading image of energy saving and control experts in China, and has consolidated its leading position in the industry.

        In the field of new energy vehicles, Hiconics can provide new energy automotive power train, motor controller, the auxiliary power system, the electric car intelligent charging pile platform construction and new energy automobile lease and other products and services. At present, in the new energy automotive power train and key components, Hiconics have been formed with the domestic several mainstream depot supporting relationship, and have been joint with the institute of servo motor of Taiwan jie zhun technology Co., Ltd and colleges and universities in the northwest to research and develop the permanent magnet synchronous servo motor. At the same time, Hiconics’s charging network, car network, network, the "three nets" of the Internet technology, formed the intelligent charging station and the construction of the new energy car rental platform, has gradually formed a new business operation new pattern of "car business supporting  EV charger business ,  EV charger business stable car business ".

        For the better consummation product research and development testing system, Hiconics established "Wuhan Hiconics industrial park comprehensive testing center", provide strong technical support for its products, and improve the core competitiveness of the products. Through unremitting efforts, Hiconics has become a leader for new energy automotive power train components and intelligent charging station operation, its new energy car rental platform quite unique in the industry.

        In the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, Hiconics follow tightly with national development pace, focus on advanced high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection, resources recycle, the key techniques such as using EPC project management, EMC contract energy management, the PPP public-private partnership is committed to industrial areas such as energy conservation, environmental protection, comprehensive utilization of resources, promoting application of photovoltaic power generation system of energy conservation and environmental protection package complete system solutions, unique, the solution to many advantages in the industry leading brand.

        Hiconics is a national high-tech enterprise, which has mastered the technology of high performance vector frequency conversion technology, PLC technology, servo technology and permanent magnet synchronous motor. As of now, the company and its wholly-owned subsidiaries have obtained 31 software copyright and 71 related patent certificates. Among them, 14 pcs are invention patents and 57 pcs are utility model patents. After years of development, it has occupied an important position in domestic and foreign industrial automation fields, and is a pioneer in the field of domestic industrial automation control.

        In order to enhance the capacity and promote sustainable development of the enterprise, in November 2010, Hiconics has moved to economic and technological development zone, with a total area of 26000 square meters, with annual output of 1200 sets of VFD production capacity; In January 2011, a new development and production base of Hiconics new energy incubator was established in wuhan east lake new technology development zone, with a total area of about 56,000 square meters. In January 2015, we established a research and development and production base in Changsha high-tech zone of Changsha city, and established r&d centers in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Shenzhen.

        Hiconics resolve through technical innovation, model innovation, collaboration, innovation, and help customers to improve the energy efficiency level, take the initiative to assume social responsibility, be a good corporate citizen, to promote China's green and sustainable development. In the future, Hiconics would like to cooperate with the general customers and partners, to actively explore new energy, to let everybody enjoy the convenience of anytime and anywhere, make people's life more colorful and a better future.

        Hiconics Eco-energy Technology Co., Ltd.

        Address:NO.3 Boxing 2nd Road,Economic and Technological Development Zone,Daxing District, 100176,Beijing, China


        TEL:+86 10 5918 0185

        FAX:+86 010-59180035

        Copyright 2006-2017     
        all right reserved:Hiconics Eco-energy Technology Co., Ltd.      京ICP备05028480-1      京公网备110301000391      Support:北京网站建设

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